With over 20 years of experience Pin-Up Golf has developed a valuable format on how to maximize funds for charities and fun for golfers.  A Pin-Up Golf officer personally consults with each group they work with to determine the goal of the event and then creates a customized mulligan and raffle package for the event.  The Pin-Up Golf format is custom for each event and works with all socioeconomic levels.

Pin-Up Golf believes in keeping the fundraising formula easy for golfers to understand and streamlined for staff to accomplish.   The Pin-Up Golf staff are highly trained, by the founder/creator Jennifer Pennington, on every aspect of golf tournament fundraising. The team is taught to be aggressive without intrusive.  Pin-Up Golf is not only hired to put together this format for the event but they also personally attend the event and sell the mulligan and raffle packages.

Pin-Up Golf can accommodate any size tournament from large to small.  They can also staff several events per day with their team leaders and co ed staff.

The Pin-Up Golf proprietary system of custom raffle tickets, knowledge of how many raffle prizes to have, innovative on course games and fantastic fundraising skills guarantees each event a success.