1. Director of Development
    Boys and Girls Club of Antelope Valley

    Our entire committee agreed that you guys are the BEST and having Pin-Up Golf added a fun element to our tournament.

  2. Member Service Manager
    California Asphalt Pavement Association

    Your team did an excellent job with the up selling of mulligan packages. You guys are always fun and very professional to work with. The Pin-Up Golf staff is especially extremely helpful at the registration table in the morning.

  3. Golfer
    Boys and Girls of South Bay

    I especially like that everyone has a chance to win something with the Pin-Up Golf games. It's not just the best golfers or long hitters. Great job Pin-Up Golf and THANKS!

  4. Director of Development
    Orthopaedic Hospital

    These words describe my impressions of your contribution to the day:
    -Courteous -Professional -Charming -Bright -Happy -Intelligent -Helpful -Refined -Pleasant -Polite -Charismatic -Delightful -Graceful -Agreeable -Amusing -Detailed -Accurate -Skilled -Caring -Poised -Stylish -Polished -Proper -Cooperative -Supportive -Trained -Dedicated -Keen -Enthusiastic -Committed -Considerate -Loyal. You and your staff took the initiative to not only learn about Orthopedic Hospital and to respect the charitable endeavors of the institution, but you also chose to be ambassadors on the hospital's behalf, greeting our donors with a familiarity and charm.

  5. Executive Director
    MEYROW Foundation

    Pin-Up Golf has been an incredible added asset to our tournament. We now could not imagine doing a tournament without their support and involvement. They are a true partner who care about our supporters and the impact we are making.

  6. Golf Tournament Chairman
    Project Angel Food

    Pin-Up Golf has always been one of the most professional organizations I've ever dealt with. I play in a lot of golf tournaments and no tournament is a good tournament without Pin-Up Golf!

  7. Golfer
    Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club

    Excellent people and made the golfing a great and enjoyable day 10++. Thanks so much.

  8. Golfer
    Los Alamitos Chamber

    Pin-Up Golf brought positive vibes to the course. The games were fun and creative.

  9. St. Augustine High School

    I can't tell you the number of times we received compliments from our golfers on how well organized the tournament was run and how the Pin-Up Golf staff took us to the next level. The Pin-Up Golf staff of hostesses made for a flawless check-in process, improved speed of play, and fun yet efficient distribution of raffle prizes and auction items at our dinner

  10. Tournament Chairman
    La Reina Athletics

    I want to emphasize how much better it is to have an 'outsider' asking the players to buy into the various games, and thus spend even more money. It takes the pressure off us parents, as we have been hounding these players to send in their registration for weeks. Pin-Up Golf employees are very knowledgeable about golf in general and so very good at what they do. No doubt they increased our bottom line this year and we can't thank them enough for that

  11. Golf Tournament Chairman
    Rancho Cucamonga Sunrize Rotary

    In round numbers, Pin-Up Golf directly increased the tournament income by $70 to $80 per player. This is money we would not have received but for the charm and ability Pin-Up Golf brings to the tournament

  12. President

    We would like to thank you for your recent participation in our annual Burn Foundation Golf Tournament in support of the Arrowhead Burn Center Burn Camp. This was our 12th annual event in which Pin-Up Golf has partnered with us for the last eight years. Your passion and interest in the charity as well as the golfing environment truly shows through with the entire Pin-Up Golf staff. I personally have been involved with many tournaments on both sides, as an attendee and an organizer. As a rule most events utilize volunteer help by marketing special packages and raffles at each event. Having organized in both situations, the benefits of dedicated staff with experience in sales and marketing has been very beneficial financially for our cause. Our decision to partner with Pin-Up Golf has improved our sales which transfer to increased donations for the charity. Thank you for your support and professionalism at our events. We look forward to working together in the years to follow.

  13. Business Administrator
    The Salvation Army

    As always, your team is very professional and they really add to the overall atmosphere of our tournament. I must tell you that in all my experience of conducting golf tournaments, no volunteers I have ever had can sell the mulligan and game packages like your staff can. They were terrific!! We had 141 sold spots and I would bet that almost everyone purchased one of the mulligan/game/raffle packages from your team. I'm sure we will use Pin-Up-Golf at next year's tournament.

  14. Executive VP/ GM
    Arizona Charlie's Decatur

    As an avid golfer, I have participated in many charity golf tournaments. I find that tournaments administered by the professionals at Pin-Up Golf to be the most fun, organized and efficient tournaments I have participated in. The staff is dedicated to seeing that the golfers have a great time during the tournament, while also ensuring that the charitable organization receives optimum funds during their fundraising event.

  15. Hollywood Boys and Girls Club

    Thanks to you and your team. You do a Fabulous Job!!
    Our tournament wouldn't be what it is without Pin-Up Golf.

  16. Antelope Valley Hospital Foundation
    Development Manager

    Dear Jennifer
    Your team was awesome and a blessing!! We feel so confident with you and your team and it takes such a burden away from us on the day of the tournament. We are able to concentrate on other areas and assure that our players and guest receive the best day. Thank You.

  17. Special Events Manager
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada

    With the help of Pin-Up Golf, our miscellaneous sales nearly doubled from the previous year. The Pin-Up Golf team was at the course early and was both professional and very effective in the sales throughout the day. The feedback I have received from my golfer evaluation has all been positive. Several golfers mentioned being struck by how knowledgeable the Pin-Up Golf ladies were about golf. In other words, they weren't just a pretty face on the course.

  18. Associate Marketing Specialist
    First American Property & Casualty Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Jennifer and her team are amazing, nothing but professional! We've hired them several times for our dealership golf tournaments and they always make our tournaments even better. Have them stay and help with your raffle that evening as well. After all these years they still are my go to team to use and recommend for my closes friends events.

  19. Tournament Director
    Valley Traffic Advisory Council

    Thanks again for the great job you did for our tournament. Pin-Up Golf has always done an amazing job for us and I brag about you guys all the time. We wouldn't be as successful as we are without you and you're appreciated 100 times over in my book.

  20. Tournament Director
    East LA Boys and Girls Club

    Pin-Up Golf once again you were all amazing!! The service you provide is without a doubt a bargain. You once again went above and beyond to help us make sure this event went off nice and smooth for the players and my staff. Thanks You Jason....you rocked buddy!

  21. Golfer
    Boys and Girls Club Tournament

    Pin-Up Golf ...they own this industry

  22. Associate Director of Special Events
    St. Francis Medical Center Foundation

    All of our Golf Committee Members were very impressed with Pin-Up Golf. They were professional, fun and extremely creative and talented in getting golfers engaged and participating. Pin-Up Golf added a nice flavor to our tourney that was missing from previous years. We were thrilled about the results of our opportunity drawing and we definitely want you back next year!

  23. President
    East Valley PALS

    Pin-Up Golf's involvement was a tremendous asset to our tournament. We were very impressed with your professionalism, your workmanship, and the quality of the Pin-Up Golf product.

  24. Spring Schwing Chair
    St. Peters Golf Tournament

    Your services make our jobs so much easier and permit us to focus on all the other details of a tournament. Thanks again for creating nearly three times as much in sales as the fee you charge. Obviously, that's a return on investment we wish to continue to receive.

  25. Rancho YMCA

    People who understand the game of Golf - Value and Love Pin-Up Golf

  26. The Pin-Up Golf Organization is extremely professional and 'worth their weight in gold' when it comes to fundraising at any event. The difference between them and the usual volunteers is dramatic and they certainly add something special to the players tournament experience

  27. Tournament Director
    Braemar Country Club

    Pin-Up Golf brings sophistication to assisting charity tournaments and the bottom line is, they raise money! The ladies are to be commended for their professional manner, charm, poise and decorum. Pin-Up Golf's services can only be an asset to any charity golf tournament wishing to add both beauty and profit to their event

  28. Special Events Manager
    National Multiple Sclerosis Society

    Pin-Up Golf enhanced our tournament from beginning to end. A golf tournament lasts from morning until evening and requires momentum that will keep the golfers involved at every level. Pin-Up Golf was the key in accomplishing this task displaying professionalism, enthusiasm, and graciousness throughout the day. Jennifer, not only were you a great asset during the tournament, but especially during the pre-event planning and implementation phase. You truly provide exemplary service.

  29. U.S. Marine Corps
    Toys For Tots Golf Tournament

    The addition of the ladies at Pin-Up Golf® added such a special touch of class to our event. Your professionalism, wonderful personalities, and tremendously cordial energy can only be matched by your beauty and charm. Let me assure you that the warmth of your presence helped us to gain over 250,000 toys for the 190,000 children that would have otherwise not had a Christmas. Jennifer Pennington and Pin-Up Golf® were the key ingredient for our success! I know that Pin-Up Golf® will be a major reason that we will have more participation in next years event.